How I limewashed my house for under $10.00

                     Follow along with me as I show you how to change the look of the exterior brick of your home with very little effort and cost.

When I purchased this house in November thirteen years ago I had the painter’s paint the ugly orange red brick an olive green color.  Little did I realize this now olive green house would be lost in the shade produced by the large oak and pecan trees in my yard.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of the house before it was painted a solid green.

This is what the house looks like today.

Now I had just spent a pretty penny on having a professional painter paint this house.  So I had to come up with a very inexpensive way to paint the house a lighter color and I needed to paint this house myself.  I wanted the brick to look like it had chippy paint that had weathered many years.

So I purchased a 50 pound bag of Hydrated Lime from Lowes for around $8.00.
I  made a slurry out of the lime and water in a 5 gallon bucket.  The
slurry was about the consistency of lumpy pancake batter.  If you
want the mixture to be thicker and have a more chippy look add less water.
Sorry I didn’t measure just mixed my concoction.  I used about 2/3’s
of the bag of lime for the whole house project.

Now you’re ready to start painting on the lime mixture.  Use a large 3″-4″ natural bristle
paint brush.  If you mixed a thin mixture and want a washed look,
apply the mixture going with the grain of the brick or all in one direction.  If you made a thicker
mixture and want a chippy look, apply the mixture in a criss cross fashion.
I practiced this technique with the thick mixture on the back of the house seen in the picture above.  After the mixture dried I sprayed the brick using a hose end sprayer to chip off
some of the lime mixture because I thought it looked too thick as is.
Not sure I liked the chippy look so I mixed in more water to the lime mixture and
applied it going with the grain of the brick.  I did not spritz with the hose.
I decided I liked this technique and look better and continued to paint the rest of the house.
Lime washing a house doesn’t take a lot of skill or time because the mixture is thin,
 flows and sticks easily to the brick.  To allow the green paint to show through
the limewash I sanded off some of the thin limewash with a dry SOS pad.  Yes I
used a SOS pad not steel wool.  I found steel wool was to abrasive.
Limewashing my house allowed the house to show up from the street now that is was a white color with a hint of green showing through the limewash. Now the house is a perfect backdrop for the bright plants and colorful shutters and door.
This is my house at Easter time and the plants starting to bloom.
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