Are you a crier?

I am a crier…but I usually am crying with joy and happiness.

I pay attention to when and why I’m crying…I know that might sound strange but crying is important to me. 

I haven’t always been an easy crier. My heart is so full of God’s love for me today that the tears flow all the time…tears of joy!

Here is a story of crying joy that happened to me not too long ago.

My bestie friend Valarie, gifted real estate agent that she is, was sharing with me that a small cottage down the street from my house had just gone on the market. In fact, she had just put the For Sale sign in the yard five minutes before our conversation began.

Valarie showed me pics of the property and we were in the car going to see the property like lightning. I walked into the small cottage and the tears of joy began to flow. God had a plan for me to buy this cottage and I immediately knew it…the tears of joy were flowing…a sign from God.

The For Sale sign immediately came down, I signed the contract and five days later I owed the cottage.  I didn’t even have the house inspected…I knew God had a plan and it was perfect.

When God opens a door for me I act with faith!!!

The Lady Butterbug Cottage is rented through Airbnb and being enjoyed by so many wonderful guests.

If you need a cozy cottage to rent in the McKinney, TX. area I hope you will consider renting LB Cottage.