Today I would like to share with you a major life lesson for me which happened eight years ago.

This major life lesson changed my life for the better…but I didn’t know or accept God had a much greater plan at the time for me and He knew it included me leaving the teaching profession.

This life lesson brought me to my knees. I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person who knows God in my heart. I thought my faith was strong…but I was wrong.

Governor Perry of Texas decided in 2011 to reduce the teaching population. Well, one of those teachers being forced into retirement happened to be me. I had taught high school in a small Texas town for 23 years. I had given so much of myself to this school district in the town where my kids were raised and I lived for 15 years.  My ego, feelings and pride were hurt and I showed it. I was very bitter, cried all the time and just knew my life as I knew it was over. After all, I had been a teacher for 29 years, 23 years in this one school district, and just needed one more year to teach for my retirement to be $150 higher per month for the rest of my life. I thought the school district owed me one more year of teaching but they thought differently. So I chose retirement knowing another school district would not hire me at my age.

I was so bitter and emotional about retirement that I didn’t stop to think that God had a far greater plan for my life than teaching one more year for a mere $150 per month for the rest of my life. I lacked faith in His plan. I was fearful and I was not financially ready for retirement.

Oh one of little faith…that was me!!!

God was closing doors and opening doors all at the same time for me as He does for everyone. He is always working behind the scene creating a fabulous life for us if we will just listen, be alert and have faith.

Now my faith is STRONG and I LISTEN and I am ALERT to the signs He shows to me. 

God has opened many many doors for me since I left teaching and I expect many doors to continue to open for the rest of my life.

God has far surpassed the mere $150 per month I would earn in retirement if I had stayed in teaching one more year.

I wake up every morning and before I get out of bed I ask God to show me His plan for me today.

Oh my He has shown me some great plans.

In the past eight years, since I left teaching, God and I have become distributors for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, opened six retail locations, purchased a 1920 filling station and restored the building and grounds, opened a retail location in the filling station, purchased a 1952 Chevy truck used for advertising, closed all retail locations except Plano and Grapevine where Annie’s paint is sold, opened an event venue in the filling station location and purchased a small cottage which is rented on Airbnb. We have been very busy but enjoying every minute of our journey.

I know you have similar stories about your growth in faith too. God is so good and so patient with us.

Thank you for joining me here today and I hope you will keep coming back!!!